Importance of learning about Tasauf


Learning about Tasauf is obligatory in Islam. It is the meaning to rectify the bad characteristics and try to gain the good characteristics of a person. Without knowing the definition, source, evidence / symptom and remedial procedure of bad (Muhlikat) and good (Munjiat) characteristics not possible to practice it. About eighty (80) obligatory rules are included in Tasauf which must needed learning and practice for every Muslim. Tasauf looks like the oxygen. Without oxygen human being cannot survive and in the same way excluding Tasauf practicing Islam is not perfect. It can also be compared to the main switch of all electrical appliances. Without functioning of main switch all electrical appliances cannot be in operating condition. Similarly, without Tasauf all types of worship will be in vein. Quran Chapter 1, Sura Fatiah Verse 5  Meaning: We worship only for you and begging help only from you. This Qur’anic verse is related to Ikhlas. It is one of the part of Tasauf. Here it can be mentioned that first four verses in Sura Al Fatiah is related to Iman (Akaid), fifth verse related to Ikhlas (Tasauf) and six & seventh verses is related to Fikah (worship by using directly or indirectly physical limb).