Is it possible to be obtained the obligatory (Faraz) educational items Tasauf by learning oneself without a teacher? And is it possible to rectify the heart using that method?


It cannot be obtained Faraz (Obligatory) educational item about learning and practicing by oneself. There are two types of obligatory rules (Masala) in Shariat or Islam i.e. Fikah and Tasauf. Without a teacher Fikah is not possible to learn and practice. Similarly, how can be learned and practice about Tasauf without a teacher? If anybody keeping in mind that after studying one or two Tasauf related book he/she achieved the  Tasauf knowledge completely. It is a wrong idea. Without teaching and prescription of an Islamic scholar obtaining Tasauf knowledge and rectifying heart is near to impossible. Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanbi (Rh) mentioned in Kosdus Sabil book that all kind of bad disease in heart is difficult to understand for a person. If anybody can understand the disease, he/she may not be understand the way of purification of heart. If he /she understand the way of purification of heart, sometimes cannot be win to fighting with Saitan. Real Islamic Scholar can understand the very secret religious disease of heart and can be prescribed to his student accordingly. By this way the student can rectify himself by practicing.