Without learning about definition, source, symptom and treatment of bad characteristics it can’t be removed by traditional Nafal Zikr


Many people may think bad characteristics of a person can be removed by nafal Zikr-Ozifa or by Murakaba-Musahada. It is completely a wrong idea.  Hazrat Maulana Karamat Ali (Rh) mentioned in Zakhirai Karamat Kitab, Part 1, and Page 9:

Key meaning: In a Dug well (one kind of groundwater well) a cat became dead and swollen but yet to be rotten. If 60 pail of water removed from that well, it will be purified. But without removing the cat’s dead body purification is meaningless even though more than 60 pail of water removal. Similarly, with polluted heart any types of zikr and Ibadat will not be obtained any reward.

Hazrat Maulana Karamat Ali (Rh) also mentioned in Rafiqussalehin Kitab:

Hazrat Maulana Karamat Ali (Rh) elaborately described about Zikr. People must not be think the nafal Zikr as the way of mercy. So at the last page of his Kitab clearly in big letter head mentioned that-

All types of Nafal Zikir-Azker, Murakaba- Musahada will be in vein without removing the 10 bad (Muhlikat) characteristics of a person.

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanbi (Rh) mentioned in kitab Malfuzate Hissai Haptom-

Meaning: How the heart will be purified by only Nafal Zikr? Because medicine is different for every bad characteristics. The way of paradise still be remained a barrier having at least one type of bad characteristics. The Nafal Zikr sometimes expedite the bad characteristics.

It can be explained that all types of diseases of human body must not be cured by a singular medicine. Similarly, all types of bad characteristics of heart must not be removed by only Nafal Zikr. Allah (SWT) asked I have created human being and Zin for my Ibadat. The Iblis (Saitan) 6 Million years performed Zikr-Azkar but his bad characteristics of heart didn’t removed. He feels proud and jealous to Adam. So it can be easily understand bad characteristics cannot be removed only by Zikr.